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A wedding and a couple of birthday bashes took me as far away as Scotland, and I really had to start getting my groove on with the manuals as I started to investigate some new equipment.

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So after almost a decade of burrowing, all of us @ Right Here Records are now extremely excited to present Cardie's first ever completely public tracks. The first molehill of grimey funk and popular melody is finally here for all humanoids above ground.

An introduction from Right Here Records

Coming up . . .

30/5/13 - YouTube - All I Want [flat video]

AFTER HOURS EP - a live concert of 6 brand new solo piano compositions to put the blood back in your veins and sooth that aching brow!

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Although it might be more accurate to liken Cardie to various other weird & wonderful creatures, at this point in his journey it would be fair to say he's a bit mole-ish. Apart from being covered in worm dirt, if you've had your Attenborough medication you'll know moles are frantic burrowers in the land beneath us all.

Most people would swear blind there was absolutely nothing there under their feet, until one day, they look outside and they've got molehills!

First tune ever released by Cardie - so grab your 70's slacks & sunnies and go for a drive! Definitely a Summer tune. Stay tuned for next week's release.

All I Want [Single Edit] - 1st of 5 pre-releases online over the next month before the release of "In My Right Mind" [due 29th June] Cardie's 14-track debut album.

29/5/13 - EXCLUSIVE RELEASE - All I Want

5/5/13 - ARCHIVE - "A Mountain of Molehills"

Cardie's new debut album . . .

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15/6/13 - YouTube - Dreams Of You [flat video]

Acoustic loved-up lullaby - a moonlit night, sitting at the sea's edge with a special one, and a frank confession of undying love to a beautiful backdrop of crashing waves!

Dreams Of You [Single Edit] - 3rd of 5 pre-releases online over the next month before the release of "In My RIght Mind" [due 29th June] Cardie's 14-track debut album.

11/6/13 - NEW RELEASE - Dreams Of You

5/6/13 - YouTube [Flat] - Be Yourself

Cardie C

First tune ever released by Cardie - so grab your 70's slacks & sunnies and go for a drive! Definitely a Summer tune. Stay tuned for next week's release.

Be Yourself [Single Edit] - 3rd of 5 pre-releases online over the next month before the release of "In My RIght Mind" [due 29th June] Cardie's 14-track debut album.

5/6/13 - NEW RELEASE - Be Yourself

Cardie C web v.small Have a listen

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Cardie C web v.small


Raw Clavinet, wah pedal and a Fender Rhodes are all this track needs to give you a cheeky skip in your step. Get some sun into that mind of yours.

In My Right Mind


An epic hour of blue skies, red Autumn rains, & calm silver seas capturing the shadow and sunlight of Cardie's mind. Alternative Funky Soul,

Cardie C

Hippy hippedy hop - a funky slow bass groove with some contagious SH101 synths plaguing the mind. Massively influenced by the sound of our brothers down under - Fat Freddy's Drop.

Ca$hish [Single Edit] - 4th of 5 pre-releases online over the next month before the release of "In My RIght Mind" [due 29th June] Cardie's debut album.

11/6/13 - NEW RELEASE - Ca$hish

19/6/13 - YouTube - Ca$hish [flat video]

Cardie C

Happy Summer! Fittingly Cardie's first release in the Summer season, and, last prerelease before the album. Simple song, simple message and plenty of love in the recipe - "If love is all there is . . ."

IHYLP [Single Edit] - 5th of 5 pre-releases before the release of "In My RIght Mind" [due 29th June] the debut album.

26/6/13 - NEW RELEASE - I Hope You Love Peace

26/6/13 - YouTube - I H Y L P [flat video]

Cardie C

So excited we could burst! Finally after many many long nights and days the concept album is finally here. You can get yours in a variety of formats from CD to digital MP3 or Wav files. You choose.


This fourteen-track debut is an eclectic mix of Cardie's chilled reggae-tinged funk and soul tunes, complimented with lush small orchestral arrangements and jazzy experimental side dishes.

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Perfect introduction to the world of Cardie, retro keys, wah pedals, strings, multilayered vox. Need we say more?

Copyright © 2013 Cardie.  All rights reserved.



Reproducing multi-layered Cardie, without just doing the same loop on repeat for an hour whilst fans comfy, was never gonna be easy! I think [or at least, hope], I've got this challenge cracked now. Rhythms, strings, vox, keys its all on the loops so I'm getting really excited about guinea-pigging my audience up!


[Looks like I might be adding a funk brother on bass too which means we are one member closer to the full band dream!]


I love to play unplugged too, so the next challenge is to look at some nice little solo arrangements for open mics, little cafes etc.

That should mean there are some serious retro keys vibes heading their way toward my fans over the next few months . . .

27/09/13 - SUMMER GIG PREP


It's been a celebratory Summer, [not least because the album is finally out], but also because I was proper chuffed to get some  requests at a few parties.

Cardie C Cardie C

Very kindly Mr James Rostance of Wow Video Productions made a montage of the MITC festival and asked to use Oh Mumma to link it all together! Thanks for the nice work James!

21/11/13 - MUSIC IN THE CITY 2013 VIDEO

MITC is a fantastic FREE festival of live music around Southampton that comes around every October. Amazingly even tho most funding was cut the organiser still went ahead and got a great aray of artists and venues sorted. See if you can spot Cardie in the crypt! For extra points, which song is he singing?!

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As some of u know I've taken a keen interest in Native Americans and their plight for a few years now. Sadly similar atrocities still happen nowadays and this one particularly caught me by the collar.


Peaceful tribes in the Amazon rainforest are being targeted systematically, being pushed off their ancestral lands [spanning hundreds of years] for the destruction of their home [the forest] and the construction of the Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu river.


I'd love to encourage people to watch the video & sign the petition

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Cardie C

So, two weeks and counting down! Two nights of concerts recorded live, hopefully resulting in a new EP. Be there, this is going to be a moment captured in time. It is also Cardie's musical farewell to the good people of Southampton as he goes to carve out a new place for himself in the land of surf, sand, serious sunshine and scones [North Devon].

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Completely original compositions in many chilled styles. Come and listen and be refreshed!

Just over a year since releasing In My Right Mind and Cardie is up and at it with another project!



Cardie C

*The CD version contains a very special bonus track - although a strictly instrumental project the audience's request for a vocal encore took Cardie completely by surprise! After not singing for months he launches into a fresh improvisation of an old favourite with extremely pleasing results.

Just over half a year on from the July farewell concerts, (and having completely relocated to Devon) the dust has settled in the form of a 6 track EP. Whizzing to you very soon could be a digital download or a CD, so watch this space for dates for a launch as well as a gig in your area!


Cardie C

Finally its here. The dust has settled and we are are very much looking forward to the launch at Amy Newton's newly opened place to be - Saunton Road Studios, Braunton.

"Continuing in the diverse & experimental spirit of his debut (In My Right Mind), Cardie steps nimbly into a side room for some tender moments of peaceful reflection. Departing briefly from the genre of funk he loves making so much, these improvisations still contain bags of soul as they lean heavily on both jazz & classical traditions."

Take me to the EP now! Cardie C web v.small


A sunny evening in July recorded for your pleasure. Solo piano reflections drawing on music from the Cuba, Spain, France and America.