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This fourteen-track debut is an eclectic mix of Cardie's chilled reggae-tinged funk and soul tunes, complimented with lush small orchestral arrangements and jazzy experimental side dishes.


Light blue skies, red Autumn rains, calm silver seas and secret moonlit coves are captured as snapshots of a significant pilgrimage between the shadow and sunlight of his mind.


Written and produced almost entirely solo, this first offering showcases some of the best tunes to come out of his various bedrooms and sheds over the last decade.

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Hugely inspired by Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the key of life" and Brian Wilson's "Pet Sounds", Cardie says "Their freedom in putting completely different sounds and styles on the same album, has always encouraged me in getting my stuff out there. I love variety and don't like sticking to just one style for too long. I do, however, always end up coming back to the funk in some dimension.


I guess this record was a departure from the more down-the-line funk I'd been making because I was fascinated with what lurks on the edges, and its been good medicine expressing some different moods on the album. I've also never been good at summing up myself in a soundbite so I guess putting a big album out there is my way of saying, heres a few gallons of me - hope you're able to get something good out of it!


The overall vibe of the songs is love, peace and hope, although they weren't exactly created on some peaceful tropical island. Theres been some very sad and tough times over the last few years and these tunes are supposed to cut through the pain and remind me of what I'd do better to ruminate on. This musics been mined from some very deep, sometimes difficult, places inside, but I'm hoping it gives a taste of what it means for someone to be in their right mind. I hear my people's stomachs groaning, and I know this first record has taken a long while to be ready for release, but hopefully the slow-cooking has brought out a suitably tangy flavour. Maybe I can get a dessert out a bit quicker!"


Cardie's music benefits from the inspiration of a wide variety of artists including . . .


Marvin Gaye, Fat Freddy's Drop, Jamie Lidell, The Beatles, Talk Talk, Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, Faure, Fiona Apple, The Bees, Beck, Shuggie Otis, Studio One, Ravel, The Doves, Iain Archer, Curtis Mayfield, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Buena Vista Social club, Lenny Kravitz, Zero 7 & Stevie Wonder

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In My Right Mind arrives in stores on the 29th June. Available on CD and Digital download. See the store on this site for your copy.