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More about the After Hours project

About the vibe


Tunes to make you peaceful. After Hours draws on jazz, romantic & impressionist music, and alternative solo albums like Keith Jarrett's famous Köln Concert, Miles' infamous Kind of Blue and more recently Chilly Gonzalez' Solo Piano series. This will be the kind of music that should get listeners chilled out after a hard day, think clearly, sleep peacefully, or even just cook better meals!


This EP benefits from the inspiration of a wide variety of artists including . . .


The Buena Vista Social club, Chilly Gonzalez, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Faure, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Ravel and many others.

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After Hours should be in stores sometime before October. It will be available on limited edition CD and Digital download. See the store on this site for your copy.

Just over a year since releasing In My Right Mind and Cardie is up and at it with another project!


Encouraged by the response this last year he seems to be finally getting his groove on. Well sort of. Except this next project is like an intermission between albums, a bit of a sidestep whilst he gets some more material ready for the new album. This new EP consists of no songs but all solo piano instrumentals.


The project title "After Hours" has a bit of a double meaning in that the EP will comprise of songs written mostly at the end of the day, after work or late at night, AND that it will be a live concert recording after hours of practice, rather than months and years of work! All of us here at Right Here Records are expecting it to be a couple of nights worth remembering and putting into the digital ether for all to enjoy.


N.B. Fortunately for those worried about a departure from the raw soul, funk and crafted songs on the last album, we can be assured another project is already whirring in the pipeline waiting to be finished. There may even be a couple of sneak peaks in the next year so watch this space!